2020 World Artificial Intelligence Go Competition Rules & Information

World Go AI Tournament 2020

1. Primary Organizer:

China Go Association
Fuzhou Municipal People's Government

2. Secondary Organizers:

Fuzhou Sports Bureau
People's Government of Gulou District
Changle District People's Government
Fuzhou Go Association

3. Co-organizer:

Nihon Kiin
Korean Chess Academy
Taiwan Chess Academy
European Go Association
American Go Association
Fujian Go Association

4. Execution unit:

Fuzhou Tiansuan Sports Development Co., Ltd.
Beijing Yihua Technology Service Co., Ltd.

5. Competition time:

September-December 2020, in two stages

6. Competition venue:

The preliminaries are conducted online on the artificial intelligence event platform. The final stage was held at the Digital China Convention and Exhibition Center in Binhai New City, Fuzhou.

7. Competition schedule:

September 27-November 20, 2020

In the preliminaries (online), the points-arranged competition will be conducted on the artificial intelligence event platform (rounds are determined according to the actual registered teams), and the top 8 will enter the offline finals. (The organizing committee intends to invite some Chinese teams from the previous two sessions to participate in the online competition in Fuzhou from September 27th to September 30th. The specific schedule will be notified separately according to the number of participants in the competition)

November 30-December 4

The final stage, the closing ceremony (offline).

8. Entry method:

  1. Each team will register publicly (see the specific registration method in this article), and theorganizing committee will decide whether the registered team is eligible for the competition;
  2. The use of original programs is encouraged in this competition, and open source Go programs,libraries or modules can also be used. The participating team must promise not to infringe on the copyright and commercial rights of others, otherwise it is responsible for it;
  3. For the teams invited to the offline arena, the organizer will be responsible for the receptionof 2 people for each team, and the round-trip transportation expenses shall be borne by themselves. The extra number of people in each team pays the board and lodging expenses according to the actual occurrence.

9. Competition bonus (pre-tax)

The total bonus is 300,000 yuan. Champion: 120,000 yuan, awarded the title of "2020 World Artificial Intelligence Go Tournament Champion"; runner-up 70,000 yuan; 3rd 50,000 yuan; 4th 20,000 yuan; 5th to 8th 10,000 yuan;

10. Competition rules and environmental standards

  1. The whole game adopts 19-way chessboard and adopts the latest Chinese Go rules. The postingpart of the competition regulations is based on the statistics of the black and white winning rate of previous artificial intelligence world competitions. This competition is: black stickers 3 and 1/4 pieces, when white If you discard it first, you will post 1/2 more in black;
  2. For each round of competition 20 minutes late, the round will be judged as a waiver; if the accumulated waiver is 2 rounds or more, it will be judged as a waiver for this competition, and all game prizes will be waived automatically;
  3. A player's surrender or continuous abandonment by both players shall be deemed as the end ofthe game. All match penalties and match result judgments generated by the competition platform must be confirmed by the chief referee before being valid;
  4. The preliminaries (online) time used by each team basically takes 30 minutes and then five 60-second countdowns, overtime will be judged as a loss; the preliminaries adopt a points arrangement system, and the top 8 preliminaries enter the final. Preliminary ranking calculation methods are compared in turn: 1. The points of each team, the higher the points are ranked first; 2. The sum of the opponents of each team, and the higher the total of the points are ranked first; 3. The mutual victory (only two teams); 4 , Decrease the opponent's points from the first round, compare the remaining opponent's points, and the one with the higher points ranks first; 5. When the above rules still fail to break the same points, an extra match is involved when promotion or award ranking is involved;
  5. In the final stage, each side takes 60 minutes and then 5 times 60 seconds countdown,and the overtime is judged to be a loss; the quarterfinals will use triple play, the semifinals will use 5 play, and the championship and runner-up finals will use 7 play. Three or four finalists will determine the winner in one round;
  6. Contestants need to use the official GTP connector for placement. The communication delayand disconnection and reconnection time will be included in the time limit; if there is a connection problem during use, the contestant will be responsible for it (see the GTP connector use attachment for detailed rules) ;
  7. In the final stage, each team has 2 chances to deal with the fault. The on-site operatorof that team must make a formal application to the referee. The processing time is up to 10 minutes. The fault processing time is not included in the game time. The referee has the right to inquire about the details of the failure, and the third failure in the same round will be directly judged as the loser;
  8. The final stage will be arranged according to the preliminaries points. In the quarter-finals,the first place in the preliminaries played against the eighth place in the preliminaries, the second place in the preliminaries played against the seventh place in the preliminaries, the third place in the preliminaries played against the sixth place in the preliminaries, and the fourth place in the preliminaries played against the fifth place in the preliminaries. In the semi-finals, the winners of the first and eighth preliminaries compete against the winners of the fourth and fifth preliminaries. The winners of the 2nd and 7th preliminaries compete against the winners of the 3rd and 6th preliminaries. The first game and the final game of Fanqi are guessed first, and the remaining games are changed first. All moves in the final stage should be uniquely generated by the intelligent program. It is not allowed to manually intervene or modify the clock speed, thinking time or the position of the stroke during the game.
  9. The game uses TCP/IP network communication protocol and GTP Go text protocol by default. Pleaserefer to the attachment for the use of the GTP text protocol and related rules. The whole world artificial intelligence Go game will be conducted on the artificial intelligence competition platform, and the display time of the platform will be the final basis for judgment (test time will be notified separately);

11. Dispute handling:

  1. In the event of a dispute, the chief referee shall have full authority to deal with it. If thereis any objection to the penalty of the chief referee, the applicant shall apply for arbitration in writing within 60 minutes, and the appeal fee shall be RMB 3,000. Refund in case of success;
  2. The award of the Arbitration Commission shall be final.

12. Specific registration method

Please send the following detailed information to the official mailbox of the conference beforeSeptember 25, 2020. After receiving the reply confirmation, it will be deemed that the registration has been successful:

  1. The English name of the smart Go program (in Chinese);
  2. The full names, nationalities, rankings of all participants and whether they attendedoffline competitions (at least 1 person);  
  3. Information of the organization represented by the smart program (if vacancies arein the name of the corresponding author);
  4. Detailed job information of the corresponding author, mobile phone, email, WeChator other online communication methods;
  5. Technical declaration (please declare the originality of the program, and the opensource Go program, library, parameter or module used in the program);
  6. Copyright statement (please declare in the email that the Go program used in theprogram does not involve infringement of the copyright and commercial rights of others);
  7. Instructions on special arrangements for boarding and lodging in offline events;
Official registration email for the conference: fuzhouworldaigo@sina.com
13. The arbitration and refereeing are selected by the China Go Association, and the right to interpret this regulation belongs to the China Go Association.

China Go Association
September 2020

Each tournament event will be live streamed in the following locations: