Hello Everyone!

The Game of GO team is coming into the new year strong by building the best GO app on the market. And if we’re not there yet, we will be.

Version 1.35 includes several key things you might be interested in:

Gain Credits on Each Day with Login:

Now, everyday that you login you will receive 100 credits to use for things like analyzing territories and changing colors. As Game of GO continues to improve, there will be more and more you can do with these credits.

Win Credits after Each Game:

At the end of each game, you will receive the same number of credits as stones you have left on the board. So, the player who wins will gain the most credits!

Professional go game opening scoreProfessional go game opening with territories

Profile Screen - View Your Stats:

On the profile screen you can view your stats like number of wins, losses, friends, games, and win percent.

Profile Screen - Change Your Country Flag:

Yes! Finally, you can represent your country and choose your flag to display next to your username.

Profile Screen - Upload Your Picture

YUP. The long-awaited custom profile picture has been implemented and is ready for you to upload your beautiful face.

Professional go game opening scoreProfessional go game opening with territories

Wait, so what’s next??!!?!

These next few updates are game-changers!

  • Adjust your stone before submitting
  • Reduce unnecessary, annoying push notifications
  • Friends screen design improvements
  • New Game screen redesign

These aren’t the only updates we have planned. Soon, we will be dramatically improving the game flow so it’s super easy to start the exact game you want to play.

Hope you make 2021 great, like we are trying to make this app great.

Haven't downloaded the app? Try it out: